VIP Personal Half Day Consultation

What a Personal VIP Half Day IS:

  • Time set aside just for you.
  • A space to connect to your truth(s).
  • Lots of guidance so you don't get lost or confused.
  • A morning, afternoon or evening to be patient and listen to your ideas, needs, struggle.
  • A lovely, dedicated mini-retreat with lasting benefits.
  • Fun, deep, enjoyable, attentive.

What a Personal VIP Half Day IS NOT:

  • A pre-recorded one-size fits all program
  • A therapy session. (Tho it will be therapeutic!)
  • A gab or crab session. (Tho all parts are welcome!)
  • A “fix” for a mental health issue. (Tho it will be mentally healthy!)
  • Too much, ill-focused, or overwhelming. (I'm committed to clarity for you!)

The Details:

  • You & I will meet via Zoom for either a luxurious morning, energetic afternoon or introspective early evening.
  • We'll meet for two 90-minute segments (for optimal clarity & energy)  with a brief break between and time to close & wrap up at the end.
  • Prior to our meeting, I'll send you a questionnaire to focus your needs and help you proceed with intention.
  • You'll also have the option to use a brief meditation/journaling exercise prior. 
  • This offer is for August 2021 only. If you need to reschedule for a later time, you must let me know immediately.
  • Cost: $1500 or three payments of $510 each. *** 

*** With the NEWSLETTER VIP COMPLIMENTARY OFFER, your price is $695

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