Cement? Let's Get Creative to Help!

Whether you're stuck in the muck or feeling cemented in place, take some simple steps today to get yourself up and on solid ground!

Start today – but don't feel obligated to finish today! Do bits. Return frequently. Make it fun.

Let's Go!

When you're feeling stuck, sluggish, unmotivated and in “that cement,” it's likely you've accidentally stepped into some old, stuck patterns. Makes sense, right? 

A few common patterns are:

  1. Self-criticism/negative self-talk
  2. Comparison-itis
  3. Self Neglect

GOOD NEWS! You can begin to move out of this cemented state TODAY.

  • Pick up a paper and pen
  • Take a comfy seat. Play a little happy background music, if you like. (This isn't meant to be torture. Have fun with your own discovery.)
  • Close your eyes, if you can, and slowly, comfortably inhale and exhale 3 to 5 times.
  1.  Allow yourself to notice any negative messages that have been floating around in your mind. You may find one or a bunch. 
  2. Jot these criticisms or negative statements down on your paper.
  3. Check for any comparisons you might be making between yourself and others. These may be comparing yourself to “more successful” peers & family members, people on social media or even past versions of yourself. 
  4. Write down anyone or any ideal image who this little part of your mind likes to compare you to.
  5. Check in for any healthy habits, practices, rituals or connections you are forgetting, restricting or ignoring right now. Be real!
  6. Write down anything that you can think of. (ex. Reading, yoga, running, eating well, meditation, conversation w/friends, fresh air, drawing, sleep, etc.)

Look at your lists – get a little space between you and the ideas on your paper.  Reorganize them, bullet them, put them on post-its. These little thoughts and feelings are yours to play with.

REMEMBER: They are not all of you. They are not your whole truth. They are often blatant lies you may have taken in as a kid. 

NOW you have some info! (Way to go!)

Two quick ideas for Self-criticism, Doubt, Negative Talk:

  1. Envision these as “old habits” that your older, wiser self does not have to continue.
  2. Have compassion for the ways these sometimes harsh messages try to “help” or “explain” you.  Give them virtual pats on the head and write down an additional 5-7 positive & compassionate statements about YOU that you can also say to yourself. 

Two quick ideas for Comparison-itis:

  1. Take a minute to appreciate your uniqueness – write down every thing that is differently fabulous about you as if you are talking about your best friend.
  2. Get off social media and move straight to the next part of this exercise!

Two quick ideas to address Self-neglect:

  1. Choose one thing from your list that you've been neglecting – give yourself a huge inner hug – do that one thing. (Even if it's small.)
  2. Remember that we get in the cement typically because we've forgotten to take care of ourselves in some way. Be generous and loving with you.