Imagine living with confidence and purpose

I help chronic worriers resolve their self-criticism & doubts so they can live a life without chronic anxiety, worry & stress.

If you wake with chronic worry, heaviness, lack of motivation or a sense of impending doom – you know how difficult it is to even get up and get your day started.

The good news is you can begin reversing the misinterpretations and habitual morning body responses starting tomorrow morning.

Start your morning calm and energized

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When life is “pretty good” and you don’t like to complain,  it’s hard to ask for help.

And here’s what I know…

If you are holding back in your life, feeling captive to your thoughts and stuck, there’s a whole authentic you waiting to emerge. It’s my honor to help you find a happy life.

Remember: You are always more than you know.

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One to One Coaching

Guidance to discover what makes you tick.

After nearly 20 years as a Marriage & Family Therapist, helping people who suffer from insecurity, doubt, impossible communication patterns and overwhelming stress, I decided that meeting once a week in the office is great, but there had to be a better way.

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Say "No more!" to chronic worry.

What will you accomplish when you can understand your secret code and alleviate your chronic worry?​

That’s why I created:

Calm Your Worries: Unlock Your Secret Code to Lasting Stress Relief and Self Confidence.

Based on the extensive research of Internal Family Systems Therapy and The Polyvagal Theory of neuroscience, I am able to offer you the secret code to stop worry from controlling your life!

calm your worries book