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Seriouslyourself, The Subscription

I've spent the past two decades helping people gain insight and sort through their questions about life. I love the work, but what most intrigues me is sharing the small shifts that really make a difference. 

So often my clients would say they wished they had a little earpiece connected to me – so they could ask for just a bit of advice, a way to look at things differently or some help getting more curious. As a next best thing, I created Seriouslyourself, the Podcast, a tasty little audio bite (15 mins.or less) to offer inspiration and fresh perspectives.

But I wanted to do more. You deserve more in your life. 

Seriouslyourself, The Subscription is so much fun…

Could you use a little breather, a boost, a moment of      Ah-hah! and Ahhhhh…?

I hear you. And I've got you!


It's the small touches that make daily living richer, clearer & more delightful.

Welcome to Seriouslyourself, the Subscription

Each month you'll receive:

The Seriouslyourself full-color, glossy journal mailed right to your door.
(This is not a PDF!)

"Just wanted to tell you I loved your zine. It's like a specially written, created and designed "newsletter" that you put love into and that is fun to receive and read." ~Kelly M

Treats, gifts, cards & packages personally curated by Ingrid - delightful surprises right in your mailbox!

"It makes me happy!" It's always just like little bits of joy, and I like it because it's something I would always think to gift to someone else...and when I get it, I think, 'Oh, I love this!" ~Taylor, Member


"It inspires me to take what I get here and bring it out into the rest of the world." KG, member


2 Group Coaching Calls per month. (Can't make it? You can grab the recording!)

Here's what Seriouslyourself Members say about Seriouslyourself Group Coaching...

“It's an exploration of Self. I want to do the thinking, talking, emoting, journaling…this is a call to action for me. It makes me do the work.”  TB


“It's being seen and heard and validated in a safe space…a time to slow down.” KG


“This is a place where women are offered an opportunity for themed reflection and emotional exploration that is facilitated by a compassionate and skilled therapist, encouraging wellness of mind, heart and body.” MC


“Connection is the first word that comes to me. It's a community.” BK


Exclusive text groups, journal prompts, surprise videos & private podcasts, so you can get the most out of your month in as little or as much time as you want

Here are all the details:

The Monthly Seriouslyourself full-color journal. Each month highlights a new inspirational theme.

An Exclusive Private Text chat group.

The Personally Curated Treat Package mailed to you each month.

Two optional live group coaching calls each month. 

Access to all coaching recordings to listen to at your leisure.

Periodic special touches – videos, private podcasts, resource ideas & encouragement.

Your Monthly Subscription Price: $89

Seriouslyourself is not to be considered therapy. It is for self-growth and entertainment purposes. Our community and coaching calls and texts groups are safe spaces for all people. Members consider the interests and feelings of others and take responsibility for their energy and opinions.