Kind words from happy clients

"We wanted to be able to communicate better and just be happier in our marriage, which you've helped  TREMENDOUSLY with! You were calm and reassuring - helpful and nonjudgemental.
"You helped me dig deep within myself to see what I really needed and felt and wanted. Your sincere and warm personality was soothing and honest. You made me feel like I was a good person and deserved to be happy and think about what was important to me. You were able to help me gain my voice...not just hold back my thoughts and feelings. And you have helped me more than I thought possible. You were the perfect therapist for me!."
"What I was hoping to get (in therapy) is different from what I got, because I actually didn't know what I needed. What I got/am getting is a deeper connection to myself, an ability to be compassionate and loving with myself. It is the most meaningful work I have ever done."
"Ingrid Helander has helped me to make a plan to better manage my relationships with my children and my husband.  She has enabled me to understand the difference between my depression and my unhappiness with a specific situation and how to cope with both!  I have found her to be a sympathetic and understanding listener and to be right on the mark when she reflects or re-frames by feelings.  This has been so helpful in my understanding of myself and my family relationships."
"I always feel validated after leaving a session with Ingrid. Whatever I take away from my sessions, I know that the experience comes from me. Whether I talk about aging, my relationship with my husband or daughter or life challenges in general, Ingrid is always open to what comes up. She never directs a session, she guides it."
"My daughter started seeing Ingrid Helander when she was suffering from a chronic pain condition at age 10.  We had been to many doctors and had gotten both good and bad advice on how to treat and deal with the situation.  Ingrid helped us to cope with my daughter's chronic pain -- both the physical pain and the emotional consequences.  Her condition is much improved, and I think she is better equipped to deal with the recurring episodes of pain using the strategies that she learned from Ingrid.  We appreciate Ingrid's care and professionalism in helping us through this difficult time.