The 3 Week Relief Treat



You're ready to make a change!

It feels horrible to be stuck – anxious, fearful, holding back, second guessing. 

I know I don't need to tell you how lonely and frustrating it can be. 

Your time and energy are so precious

– especially NOW –

you owe it to yourself and those you love to feel your best. 


I have a perfectly doable solution for you, my dear hardworking worrier! 

I'm offering a sweet relief treat just this month! (And who doesn't deserve a treat, especially this year!)

Imagine yourself in a community where…

  •  you are enough.
  • your desire to know yourself better is validated.
  • sharing & inspiring one another is the norm.
  • you are free to be yourself with compassion.
  • small steps are celebrated!
  • you receive care & guidance.
  • you don't have to prove you're brilliant and capable even though you get stuck sometimes. We already know that!

Not a one-size-fits all “method”… (cause that doesn't work!) 

You don't need to be a hero.

We'll be working in a focused way with 1 stuck feeling, worry or thought that bugs you.

You know the one – that voice of self-doubt, the nagging worry, the part that holds you back and keeps you feeling small. 

Maybe it's worry about your kids. 

Maybe it shows up as insecurity in relationships… 

Sometimes it sounds silly to you, but honestly, it can also feel overwhelming. 

Yep – that one! 

Here's What You'll Receive:

For 3 wonderful weeks, NOVEMBER 16. 23 & 30, treat yourself to time, joy, curiosity and stress relief. You're so worth it!
Here's what you'll get: 3 Live Group Treat Meets on Zoom (1hr 30 mins each) with Ingrid. Lively discussions, guidance, sharing and fun! A private group page with resources, recommendations, guidance and information just for you. Access to private mini Q/A with Ingrid for that extra personal touch.