Hello Seeker, I'm so glad you're here!

You're anxious and tired of self-doubt.

You wonder if maybe you were just born to be frustrated – stuck between who you know you could be and the worries that keep you from really showing up.

I see you.

Others tell you if you would just think positively and stop wasting time worrying, you'd be just fine. 

And that never works – at least not for long.

You've read self-help books, changed your diet, switched jobs (boyfriends, spouses, studies), and still you long for a sense of wellbeing.

I get it!

You are not alone.

Sometimes all the trying in the world does not change that nagging sensation. 

It wakes you in the night…

follows you through your work…

gets in the way of your sense of self and joyfulness.

Having a dependable, consistent navigator by your side

is the most effective way to discover & recommit to your own life.

I know you can begin today to embrace your true self and come home to your heart.

Are You Ready For Personal Coaching? Here's Some Guidance to Help You Decide:

  • Personal coaching is an investment. You have lived long enough to realize the time, opportunity, joy, energy & relationship you're losing. You are ready to invest in yourself and discover a new level of support from an expert who guides you out of old habits & stuck patterns. 
  • You keep trying to tough it out yourself. You vacillate between “I've got this” and “I'll never figure this out.” You suffer in silence, telling yourself that other people have it worse and you should be able to suck it up (Buttercup).  You’d like someone who can see you and cares about what you want for yourself.
  • You are tired of the same old insecurities presenting themselves in different situations. You're ready to begin a practice that actually gets results for you. 
  • You consider yourself a bright, capable individual and feel like you have to hide your worries and anxiety. This struggle is frustrating and embarrassing for you. (Even when you complain about it, people tend not to take you too seriously!)
  • You want to know how to get to a real shift – a change toward the true you. You're not looking for a quick, fake surface change that will be gone in a week. You are no longer open to run-of-the-mill, cookie cutter advice.
  • Although you might not see exactly how it’s possible, you’d love to work with someone who sees you deeply as an individual – someone who is clear and honest with you and always very much on your side.

You want to feel inspiration in your journey alongside someone who is genuinely curious and cares about you, and who can guide you with experience & competence. 

Here's How To Get Started:

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Schedule a free 20-minute call from the LINK in your email reply. 

In this time we'll strategize about your personal coaching experience, make sure that we're a great fit & get you on board.  

We want to make sure that I am the very best choice for you in your journey toward clarity and confidence. (And will let you know if I think there's a better choice for you.)

I'll get everything out to you to make this journey smooth & easy. 

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Isn't it time to come home to your heart?